The Only Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer that You Should Be Using

Fortify Barrier Repair Cream

If you’re here then you might already know that the main problems with non-comedogenic moisturizers are they are TERRIBLE at delivering moisture to the deep layers of your skin and can actually be accelerating the progression of wrinkles and fine lines. (If you’d like to learn most about this read my post Why Non-Comedogenic creams […]

Do Hyaluronic Acid Serums Really Work?

What is Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic Acid (HA) consists of a very long series of carbohydrate polymers. Imagine a chain with thousands and thousands of links. This is essentially what hyaluronic acid is. Why is Hyaluronic Acid important for skin Hyaluronic acid similarily to collagen and elastin ads firmness and elasticity to the skin. By attracting […]

Top 8 Most Important Features for an Attractive Face (With Edits)

What Makes a Face Attractive

#1: A defined jawline Whether you are male or female a defined jawline is one of the most key health indicators showing proper facial development, healthy body fat percentage, aligned bite, and also influences lip seal Of course, there are many differences between male and female jaws. One of the most notable of these differences […]

Top 7 Diet and Weight Loss Drugs/ How to lose 10-15lbs of Fat in a week

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend you use any of the compounds/drugs that will be mentioned in this post. Some of these drugs have the potential for serious side effects. This post is for informational purposed only. Weight-loss 101: The most important factor to losing weight Hopefully, by this point, all of you have heard that to […]

Why Non-Comedogenic creams are a Waste of Time and can actually be BAD for your Skin

Why non comedogenic creams are worse for you skin that comedogenic ones

Somewhere along the line, we all have heard about non-comedogenic creams. The premise seems very appealing, a cream that will moisturize your skin without clogging pores/causing acne. Sadly, most people never look into why non-comedogenic creams don’t clogg your pores and thus never understand why they may actually be worse for their skin than using nothing […]

How to get Glowing and Radian skin using Beta-Carotene

How to get radiant and Glowing Skin Using Beta Carotene

What is Beta Carotene Beta Carotene is a natural orange-red pigment that is common in many vegetables. Your body converts a small portion of beta-carotene into vitamin A which is also known as Retinol. While the great effects of Retinol on the skin are known, surprisingly almost no one knows about how amazing Beta Carotene is for […]

Are Chin Dimples an Attractive feature

Henry Cavill Chin Dimple

What Causes Chin Dimples Chin dimples, also known as butt chins are the result of a Y shaped groove on the mandible. If the two sides of the jaw do not fully fuse together the result is a “groove” created on the chin area of the mandible. This changes how your soft tissue sits over […]

5 Tips to Choose between a Rhinoplasty and a Chin Implant

How to choose between nose job and chin implant

If you’ve landed here you probably already know that both a nose job and a chin implant have the potential to make the face seem more balanced from profile. However, depending on your individual facial features, it may be more beneficial to opt for one instead of the other. First what you should know is that its […]