Chin filler has become very popular in the last few years and more and more injectors are becoming skilled at using filler in the chin to give better shape to the jawline, contour the chin, and improve facial harmony.

Can chin filler give more angularity to a round face?

Yes, absolutely! Chin Filler can be used to add more vertical height to your chin while also adding some horizontal projection which will make the chin taller and give the lower third a less round look.

Chin filler can even be used to create a specific shape like a pointy chin to make you face look more heart-shaped.

What is a round face

Round face occurs due to lacking angularity most commonly in the lower third. While having non-defined or chubby cheeks or a large forehead can increase the appearance of a round face it is almost impossible to have one without an undefined lower third.

Here are some common causes of a non-defined lower third:

When to combine chin filler with jawline filler

In some cases, chin filler can look better when done solo rather than in combination with jawline filler. These cases are typically when the jawline is defined but the chin is too short vertically or slightly recessed.

If the jawline is not defined, filler can be injected along the jawline and in the gonion (jaw angle filler) to create the appearance of a jawline. However, in my opinion, if jawline filler can be avoided that is more ideal as chin filler looks far more natural and more difficult to spot than jawline filler.

How many mls of filler is typically used for chin filler

Typically 1-3 mls of filler will be used for chin filler. Amount needed will vary per person based on their jaw and facial structure and the look they are trying to attain.

How to avoid looking overdone with chin filler

When chin filler far exceeds the natural jawline there will be an unnatural looking fold under the chin which will be much more visible when smiling, talking, or chewing food.

Another common sign of excess chin filler is unnatural looking lumps under the skin or when the chin visibly deviates from the shape of the jawline. Well done chin fillers give a smooth and tight look to the chin. If your chin does not look smooth and round it’s likely that you are overdone.

Most Notable Cosmetic Clinics, Surgeons, and Injectors for Profile Augmentation

MCR Aesthetics- U.K.

This clinic is based in the U.K. with several locations including their Manchester and Liverpool clinics. They have become famous for their aggressive approach to profile augmentation. They are very talented at creating fierce and forward grown faces on women.

They charge 170 GBP per ml of cheek and jawline filler

Melanie Petrossian R.N. – L.A.

Melanie is a family nurse practitioner who has over 7 years of experience working in aesthetics. She has a great eye for profile augmentation including nonsurgical nose jobs and chin/jawline filler.

Dr. Zack Ally – U.K.

Dr. Zack Ally is one of the most aesthetically aware surgeons that specializes on both male and female facial augmentation. One of his main skills is enhancing round faces with chin and jawline augmentation for a more striking and appealing result.

The ideal chin shape is greatly influenced by the shape of your nose. If the topic of chin fillers interests you, you might be interested in reading my post on how to choose between chin fillers and rhinoplasty.

It can be difficult to understand if you would benefit from chin filler or if enhancing other areas of your face would benefit you more, especially if you don’t have a lot of chin recession. You can read my post on what makes us attractive to get an idea of which features are most important for an attractive face.

I also offer consultations where I will help guide you throughout your plastic surgery journey to make the correct choices with regards to choosing your procedures.

If you have any question please leave them below and I will do my best to get to them 🙂

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    1. Hi Stacy,

      I am not against the done look per se. I prefer the natural look but I appreciate both forms of beauty. Sometimes looking done is still an improvement on the patients before photo in which case I support it while in other cases it looks not only done but also fake. It’s the fake look that I’m against.

      You have to keep in mind that these pictures are taken right after the injection so there are a lot of signs of injection which will not be there in a few days once the skin heals. What I’m trying to say is that to the average person these results with still be within the natural range.

      If you are like me and don’t prefer the done look you can skip the jawline filler as it mostly comes from that. In the U.K. it’s a big trend at the moment, so I’m sure these women were happy with their results.

  1. First of all, thank you for the great amount of information! In all the photos the marionette lines disappeared. Is this an effect of the chin fillers or was it a topical filler in the marionette line? Also with regards to gravity and the effect of a “heavy” lower face, can jawline fillers accelerate this look? And a last question, could a chin filler compensate for a long philtrum? Any other ideas on long philtrum except from lip lift?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Pag!

      Great questions! Increasing chin projection will often alleviate marionette lines in cases where the chin recession is significant, however it is likely that in some of these results the marionette lines were filler as well.

      Chin filler can help offset a longer philtrum by increasing chin height but understand that there is a strong limit as to how much chin height you can add before it best a flaw as well. Also, increasing the projection of the chin tends to increase perceived chin height as well so keep that in mind.

      Lastly, jawline fille rat the gonion is least likely to cause sagging skin in my opinion but jawline filler around the chin and jowl area is more likely to have this effect. Still, the effects of gravity are going to occur regardless so it’s best to do wha’ts best for your face now and then get a face/necklift down the line once you need it (because if you are concerned about your appearance in your 40s and 50s then it’s almost certain you will need it regardless if you had jawline filler or not).

      Hope this helped!

  2. Ive been tempted to get jawline filler but then heard that filler spreads out and migrates and won’t keep the shape. Ive already noticed this with previous lip filler which seems to have migrated upwards so now the area above my top lip is thicker than it used to be. Any thoughts on this please?

  3. Hi there!

    I am loving your content (here and IG) and it has helped me identify which flaws make the biggest difference to facial harmony (i.e. I don’t need a nose job, I just have no chin lol). This leads onto my questions – is there a point at which going for a chin implant rather than experimenting with filler is worth while? I worry about the potential for complications including migration increasing with large amounts of filler and repeated injections. My second question is this – do you have any recommendations for injectors and surgeons in Sydney? More than anything I value a balanced, elegant, individual aesthetic rather than the ‘cookie-cutter’ faces popping up all over IG.

    Once again love you work and thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Aww tyy <3

      Chin Filler definitely has its limits. If your recession is very strong, like Stella Maxwell for example, then it could be worth it to consider a chin implant. The one negative aspect about chin implants is they often look very ugly/off because of their placement and because you are relying on your surgeon to design an implant that augment your bone structure. I find that a lot of surgeons are actually not skilled at this so the shape of the implant in many cases is very off.

      You can also consider a genioplasty which is more invasive and permanent but doesn't carry those aesthetic concerns.

  4. Hi so I have a round face and I want my face to be more defined but I have dimples so what fillers would you recommend getting that wouldn’t affect my dimples?

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