If you’re here then you might already know that the main problems with non-comedogenic moisturizers are they are TERRIBLE at delivering moisture to the deep layers of your skin and can actually be accelerating the progression of wrinkles and fine lines.

(If you’d like to learn most about this read my post Why Non-Comedogenic creams are a Waste of Time and can actually be BAD for your Skin)

The one caveat to that are non-comedogenic creams that also contain cholesterol, ceramides, and linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is very common in moisturizers, ceramides have become more popular as well, but the missing game changer in most creams is cholesterol.

The Effect of Cholesterol on Your Skin and Why You Want it in Your Moisturizer

Cholesterol is one of the key components of the protective barrier of your skin called the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum has the very important role of preventing water and moisture loss from your skin along with preventing foreign bodies from entering your skin.

The stronger your stratum corneum the healthier your skin will look and the slower you will age!

Cholesterol makes up 27% of your stratum corneum by weight and plays an important role sealing the gaps between the layers of corneocytes to prevent water and moisture loss.

Similar to cholesterol, ceramides are also very important in the stratum corneum. They make up ~50% of the stratum corneum by weight and just like cholesterol play a key role in the prevention of moisture loss.

Using a moisturizer will gradually shut down/decrease the natural oil production of your skin which over time can lead to weaknesses developing in our stratum corneum. As your stratum corneum becomes compromised your skin will be losing more and more moisture.

When you apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to your skin you suppress the natural oil production of your skin which delivers the perfect ratio of cholesterol and fatty acids that your skin needs for healthy function. However, since most of us wash our face twice per day and use cleansers and so on, our natural oil production isn’t enough and you’ll have to use a moisturizer.

Most non-comedogenic moisturizers are awful at restoring moisture to the deep layers of your skin and preventing water loss. In fact, when you apply them they only moisturize the surface of your skin without providing the fats and fatty alcohols your skin barrier needs for ideal function.

For this reason, many of you might have dry flaky skin once you use a cleanser to wash your face. This is usually an indication that your stratum corneum is compromised.

Fortify Barrier Repair by TheNakedChemist

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The Fortify Barrier Repair Cream by TheNakedChemist is one of the only moisturizers with a non-comedogenic base that also contains cholesterol, ceramides, and essential fatty acids. It works not only to moisturize your skin but also strengthens and repairs the protective barrier of your skin to prevent water loss.

It’s very light, smooth, nourishing, and won’t cause breakouts like other creams with comparable moisturizing ability. You can feel a difference within days of use.

Cholesterol, Ceramides, and Linoleic Acid will help Prevent Acne

This isn’t a direct result of using these ingredients, but by strengthening the protective barrier of your skin, irritants and residue from skincare products will have a harder time penetrating your skin’s outer layer. As a result, you will be less likely to breakout (only assuming you had compromised stratum corneum function to begin with).


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  1. What are your thoughts on cerave as a cheaper alternative as that contains ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids.

    1. I have used their products and it just doesn’t compare in opinion. The prices at The Naked Chemist are in New Zealand Dollars so it’s actually quite a bit cheaper than it seems and not that far off from CeraVe

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