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Currently booked out until October 2nd. New bookings not available until further notice.



IMPORTANT: Please send an email to me at after your purchase of the package with a basic description what you are trying to achieve and a few pictures of yourself as described in the FAQ section on the consulting page.


How does this work?

After completing your order, send a email to me at with a description of what your goals are with plastic surgery and a few pictures of your face from different angles. From there I will reply to you near the date of your appointment and get everything started!

Can we ask you further questions after recieveing the consultation

Yes definitely! There is also a follow up period of a full year from the date that you receive your consultation to follow up with me regarding your results and other procedures you might be considering.

Will My Pictures and Information be Kept Confidential?

YES! Any pictures and information provided will be kept strictly confidential

How long will it take for me to recieve my consult

Currently the wait times are between 2-4 weeks from the date you booked your consultation with the calendar booking system

What kind of Images are best?

Pictures taken with a high quality camera in a balanced light setting are the best for image editing. Pictures in natural sunlight are not optimal for analysis/editing. 

Up close selfies are the worst kind of pictures because the lack depth perception and are often warped due to lens distortion. This is not so much a problem for facial analysis, but it hinders my ability to edit your pictures.

 See the type of pictures I edit on my instagram:

Lastly,  send honest pictures. The less angles and facial expression are used, the more in depth analysis I can provide. 

What are the Advantages of Plastic Surgery Consultation?

Plastic surgery can get overwhelming and too often patients decide to just “jump right in” without fully understanding the aesthetic risks and benefits of their chosen surgery. This is what often leads to botched results .

Unlike plastic surgeons, I make no extra money if you actually follow through with plastic surgery or not. I will give you a completely honest answer for everything, there is no motive for me to persuade you to getting unnecessary surgeries. I will tell you if a surgery is not right for you even if thats not what you want to hear. I will help you choose the surgeries that offer the most benefit and have the least relative risk.


Is it ok to send pictures with makeup?

Yes, it is actually preferred. Pictures with makeup results in a higher quality edit. I only ask that you do not send pictures with lash extensions. 

Don’t stress about it, if theres any problems with the pictures I’ll let you know!

12 reviews for Platinum Consulting Package

  1. Cristina (verified owner)

    Beauty Consultant has a deep understanding of beauty and an eye for it like no one I’ve met in my entire life. She’s very fast and detailed in preparing your report and always willing to answer all the questions and doubts you may have. She’s super kind, too. Which is always a plus 🙂 Totally recommended!

  2. SJ

    If you’ve been hesitating to do this, I can say with confidence that you will not regret your consultation with MBC. I am beyond pleased with my experience. MBC broke things down easily, was thorough, encouraged questions, and was very professional and polite. I am so pleased I finally bit the bullet and purchased a consultation because I got answers for things that I always wondered abut but never had the eye to really explain what the issue was. There’s also that relief of getting straight facts and options from a person who’s bottom line isn’t to get you to drop thousands of dollars, like a surgeon might. Now sense of “selling”, which is ultimately what made me untrusting of many physicians. This is a true expert and I plan on booking more in the future a I continue on this cosmetic journey.

  3. AC (verified owner)

    She is amazing. I think anything considering any sort of cosmetic procedure or even contemplating hairstyles/makeup should purchase a consultation. We spend hundreds on consultations with surgeons and injectors who ultimately have the motive for us to get more procedures. They also don’t necessarily know what procedures are best fits for our face. Having an unbiased, skilled third party advisor is absolutely necessary. She was able to point out subtle issues I’ve had with my face and how to fix them that despite lots of personal research prior, I had not thought of. She also gave realistic suggestions with alternatives and specific provider recommendations that have given me a clear picture/timeline of what I want/need. She is extremely thorough and detailed and answered loads of questions. I STRONGLY recommend a consultation.

  4. Jessica (verified owner)

    I found my facial analysis to be very thorough and insightful. This girl has a sharp eye for aesthetics, and in my opinion, getting a consultation such as this one is a great first step to improving one’s appearance, and by extension, one’s life. I would recommend My Beauty Consultant to anyone who is serious about changing their appearance — whether it is only a bit or majorly — as well as who values constructive criticism. I found that she wasn’t biased in any way, not malicious when giving advice and suggestions, and overall very helpful!

  5. Ross (verified owner)

    My analysis was incredibly detailed and educational! MBC (My Beauty Consultant) has a prodigious talent for analysing facial flaws and I highly recommend anyone thinking of trying this service to purchase it. It’s well worth your time and money!

  6. Sara (verified owner)

    This consultation has provided me with information on resources and detail for something that I wouldn’t be able to do myself. I was nervous at first but it was honestly so helpful to see the tweaks that will improve my appearance. I’m excited to move along further from the consultation and actually do some of the stuff that was suggested to me! The before and after pictures that I was sent are amazing too. I can’t wait!

  7. Elía (verified owner)

    Best decision ever! I’ve struggled with what enhancements to get and MBC provides a very detailed and concise plan. I’ve learned a lot about my face and beauty in general thanks to her! 100% worth it!

  8. Bella

    Such a good investment, to have someone who understands faces so well as MBC is truly so valuable. I don’t trust anyone to know about faces as much as I do her, she truly has such a good eye for it. Also the fact that she dosen’t get paid for doing any procedures just means that you can truly trust the recommendations.

    Incredibly thorough, professional and kind. I would recommend this to anyone who is planning to change their apparence in any way.

  9. Sab (verified owner)

    An amazing service! I knew I wanted to improve my appearance, but I didn’t know where to start. I decided to take the plunge, and I’m incredibly happy I did. Talking about my perceived flaws and insecurities was daunting, but MBC has your best interest at heart. It’s clear from the consultation that she’s coming from an unbiased point of view, rather than trying to sell you a procedure or provide unrealistic expectations.

    She provides recommendations in a clear and detailed manner, and all proposals came with an explanation of how it would improve your overall appearance. What I appreciate most of all was how realistic the recommendations are. Everything suggested is to make you look like the best version of yourself. My Beauty Consultant is incredibly kind and informative. I highly recommend.

  10. Tash (verified owner)

    Incredible analysis, more than I could have ever imagined! Rare to find a cosmetic professional with both extensive knowledge of the human face, combined with a real artistic eye for facial aesthetics, super kind in their delivery and who is not trying to upsell you a list of services that you don’t need or will make further problems for you down the track!!

    I am sooo happy I chose to have a thorough consultation before tweaking, MBC has literally saved me thousands!! 100% recommend to anyone looking to enhance their appearance or to learn more about their facial features!!! xxxx

  11. JL (verified owner)

    I get the feeling MBC’s analyses are gonna seriously blow up if they haven’t already, so get one while you can!

    I was a really unique case, and MBC took it stride 100%! She is very respectful, patient, and incredibly talented at what she does. I’ve met with many plastic surgeons, and even in the medical field it is very rare to find someone with her level of passion and attention to detail. I would recommend getting a consultation, not just because it is super interesting to understand the aesthetics of your face in so much detail, but because having that knowledge and confidence under your belt is invaluable when consulting with injectors, surgeons, and whatnot. I found that having an extra, unbiased opinion is priceless.

  12. RL

    I am leaving this review to tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with the results I got from this consultation. MBC is extremely detail oriented and kind, she is very good at communicating with you in order to get every detail possible and give you the best results. She is so sweet and her talent is one to be admired. I am extremely grateful to her for giving me new insight and letting me know that my goals are attainable. She does not try to sell you on anything like a plastic surgeon would do. She is not out to grab your money, she is here to help. MBC is very realistic about possible expectations and does a phenomenal job at suggesting possible (and realistic) alteration procedures. I am so
    incredibly thankful for her expertise and I feel lucky to have had a consultation from her.

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